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Join us for our first Lyon Arts studio tour and sale, Utah edition!

We're finally feeling as settled as we will be, so we decided to invite you to come see our new studio!

We'll be holding a one day studio tour and sale for any of you that can make it! We will have both fantasy and religious prints available as well as some originals too. And don't forget the holiday treats to munch on.

The studio is always open if you need to pick up a last minute gift, or something new for your wall, but we do ask that you phone ahead just to make sure we're there. 

We hope to see you December 10th from 10am-4pm. The address is 1084 E 50 S, American Fork, Ut. 

More studies - Lola and Silje

I did a few more studies for my upcoming painting as well as recorded time-lapses.

Another study of Silje.

Another little study done in preparation for a larger painting. It is 8"x10" done on wood panel. It was done in one sitting, and isn't as refined as the final painting will be. These are great practice.

Lastly, I wasn't entirely happy with the last study I did for Christ, so I worked up another version.

Preparing with studies

It has long been the practice to do some studies of the figures or difficult passages within a painting before starting on the final image.  I have a large painting that I will be posting updates from over the next month starting with this study of a little girl.

Below is a time-lapse movie of the sketch in progress.  The painting was done with a small palette that I have found to be nice for flesh.  Flake White, Yellow Ochre, Vermillion and Van Dyke Brown (specifically Gamblin for the last color, it is much more grey than other brands).  I could use Mars Black or Ivory Black instead, and get cooler tones, but for now I am enjoying seeing what this set of colors can do.

This little study was done in preparation for a larger painting. It is 8"x10" done on wood panel. It was done in one sitting, and isn't as refined as the final painting will be.

I am also doing some charcoal studies of a few of the figures.  Below is a study of Christ who will be holding the child above.

I think I still have a ways to go before I am happy with my depiction of Christ, but this is a good start.  Something that will let me make adjustments to my painting and get a countenance appropriate for the goals of the final work.

Feed My Sheep video

I recorded my painting process for a recent work titled Feed My Sheep.  You can see where I make some changes on the sky and face throughout the process.  

When making time lapses, it is important to turn the autofocus off as well as the auto white balance.  I was setup right initially, but would use my camera for other purposes and a couple days, I forgot to turn those off again, whoops!  That is why you get some camera wiggle in parts and at the end when filming the face repaint, the white balance jumps around.

Still, I think the video is worthwhile.  I hope that it will be interesting and beneficial to those that might be new to oil painting.  Thanks for giving it a look!

The MET and the Rijksmuseum

There has been a lot of excitement in the past few days with the release of thousands of images from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The captures of their paintings are very high quality, and let you see works in incredible detail.  

Many museums have started to do this, even adding a download button to make it simple for you to collect the images for study on your local storage.  Be sure to check out the website of your favorite museum and see what they have availavle.  Enjoy a few images from each below.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Rijksmuseum

Images from the MET


Charles Bargue - A Bashi-Bazouk

Elisabeth Vigée le Brun - Comtesse de la Chatre

Rembrandt - Herman Doomer

Jules-Joseph Lefebvre - Graziella

Images from the Rijksmuseum


Vermeer - the Milk Maid

Willem de Famars Testas - Patio de una Casa Cairota

Howard Lyon Fine Art announces two new additions!

Howard and I have been working around the clock lately it seems! Howard finished a new image that is now ready to release and we hope you all just love it! It's a new image of Christ as the shepherd and it's titled, "Feed My Sheep".  This is image is now available in our NEW store! 

That brings me to our next fun announcement! We have totally updated our website and store! It's now easier to find the information you're looking for! It's easier to shop and find the perfect print for your home, office or church walls! You can now just use your credit card to check out without using Paypal. You can see all the size and material options in one place. And you can share, pin, tweet, and gram everything on our site to your accounts (and we appreciate it when you do!)! We even included a place with each product to share your thoughts or write a review on that product! Some products even have a video discussing the image with it. (we hope to add more in the future!)

So, check out the new image here! We'd love to hear your thoughts on it, please feel free to leave a comment directly on the image page! Share it too if you don't mind, to your favorite accounts!

Then take a look at the new website! We have combined Howard's two worlds and now include his illustration work (fantasy and sci/fi) with his religious and fine art work on the same site. 

Join us on Facebook too here, we will be hosting some pretty great free print contests soon. So LIKE our page and be sure to hover over the "like" button to choose to get notifications so you don't miss any new announcements and discount codes!