Signing Magic Cards

Sign Magic Cards - $1 per card


Sign Magic Cards - $1 per card


Instructions - Please send your cards along with a self-addressed stamped enveloped so that I can get them back to you quickly.  Package them however you feel will best insure they travel safely to me and back to you!

Send your cards to the following address:

1084 E 50 S
American Fork, Utah 4003
United States

I have not always charged to sign cards, but I have been getting so many lately that I need to charge for the time. I also think that it might slow down the number and help keep the signature more meaningful.

If you are international, I do not accept postal coupons for return shipping. They should work, but most post offices here locally are not familiar with them and don't honor them.  Instead, contact me and we can work out return shipping.


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