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Dungeon Magazine Cover

This was an important piece for me.  It was one of the first paintings I did after reading James Gurney’s book, Imaginative Realism.  If you paint, get the book.  It is very affordable, go get it, don’t wait.
I always enjoy working for Wizards of the Coast and had the pleasure of doing these paintings for Jon Schindehette ( which is always fun.  Plus, the guy has cool boots, seriously.

These next two paintings, were for the same issue, and have the same characters in them.  I loved this because it was a great light-hearted subject.  These adventures are racing through some amazing city in the D&D world and all that it includes.  How fun is that?

This last one was a fun challenge.  I wanted to piece to stay a little light, but still feel dangerous.  I kind of crossed a hyena with a pitbull and some other dogs to get these mean puppies.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.