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Illustration Master Class

I am off tomorrow for the 2010 Illustration Master Class.  Really looking forward to seeing everyone and learning from the great selection of instructors.  James Gurney, Rebecca Guay, Greg Manchess, Donato Giancola, Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo, Dan DosSantos, Scott Fischer and Irene Gallo will all be on hand to share and teach.  I have met several of them before and they have always been gracious and generous.  I am sure it will be a week to remember.
If I don’t post over the next week, I will update when I get back, but I should have internet access.

As part of the class, we were given a selection of wonderful assignments to choose from.  I chose to portray Joan of Arc.  Below is my color study.  It is a painted background and then I pieced together a few different photos from the photoshoot to get the basic figure and painted on top of that to get to this point.

The first thing we will do at the class is present our sketches, so I anticipate potential changes before I start the oil painting.  Really looking forward to letting go of digital for the week and getting back to oils.