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Heroes of the Fallen Lands - part 2

Yesterday I posted a portrait of Lyriel.  Today, we see her battling her way past some wizard who I am sure was up to no good.  I bet he was putting MSG in the beef pasties in the local village making them deliciously addictive and irresistible.  Either that or by the looks of the stuff on the ground, he was making some killer smokin' smoothies out of berries and twigs and skulls. It was right that he met his doom this day.

Side note: I posed for the wizard.  I don't have that great long silver hair or beard, and his 'Biff' staff is made up, but I totally captured the lightning I can shoot out of my hands.

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Update: Tyler Walpole asked if I used 3D for any of the background, and I did.  I built a quick model of what I had in mind and then put some quick texture over it in Corel Painter and then started painting.  What you see here is the model with some texture overlay and little bit of painting started on one of the skulls.  I keep the model pretty simple, as you can see in the skulls (basically spheres with cylinders poking out of them).

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