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Mary Robinette Kowal "Word Puppet" cover

I am excited to announce that my painting Body Language will be used for the cover of the upcoming release of Word Puppet, and collection of short fiction by Mary Robinette Kowal.  I originally created the painting to go with her short story Body Language that was published in the Intergalactic Medicine Show quarterly. 

I loved the original story, which makes me all the more excited and honored to have my painting on the cover of this collection of work (and to get a copy when it comes out this fall.  Thank you Mary, Paula and Prime Books!

Body Language - Final.jpg

Products that I Love

I am often asked by students or parents of young artists what tools I use or if there are books that I recommend, so I put together a page on my site with links to the tools I use and the books I have found to be indispensable.

You can find the 'Books and Tools' page in the 'Store' section of the top navigation bar on this site, or follow the link below.  I hope you will find it useful.  I have more to add, so check back in periodically!

Chesley Award Nomination

I was looking through the list of nominations for the Chesley Awards this year thinking "someday" when I saw my name among the nominees in the "Gaming" category.  What a great surprise!  Jeremy Jarvis was the Art Director for this painting, which was created for Magic the Gathering: Rise of the Eldrazi.  Here is the image that is nominated this year:

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Chesley Award Nominations

Jeremy Jarvis

Spectrum 17 entries

I found out which pieces made it into Spectrum 17 today.  Here they are:

Thanks to Jon Schindehette at Wizards of the Coast for the great commission on the Seldarine painting.  It was done for the book Divine Power, a D&D 4th Edition book.

The Body Language painting was a cover done for Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show.  Thanks to Kathleen Belamy and Orson Scott Card for the great commission and to Mary Robinette Kowal, the author of the story the illustration was created for.

Here are links to bigger versions:


Body Language

Spectrum 17

I have managed to squeak into Spectrum again this year.  Last year’s book was pretty wonderful, I am really looking forward to seeing the collection this year.  I don’t know which piece or crosses fingers pieces made it in, but I will post when I find out.