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Magic Card - Sketch Giveaway

**Winners of the contest are posted on my Facebook site!  Head on over to see the answers and the winners!**

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*If you won, I sent you a Facebook message, but it will be in your 'Other' folder in your messages*

I was doing some sketches on the back of Magic cards and then buyer asked that they relate to the artwork on the front of the card.  So, I thought it would be fun to have a little contest and see if you can guess which of my cards the sketches are based on.  The winner will get this little water color sketch on the back of a Boros Reckoner card.  A couple of the cards are probably obvious, but two might not be so clear...

To enter your guesses you will need to go to my Facebook page - -  like the page and send me a message.  On the 16th of November, I will choose the first 6 people who respond with the correct answers and roll a six sided die to choose the final winner.  I will then contact you through Facebook and get your address to send the card.  Good luck!

*edit* The top six spots are filled, but I will do another sketch and will choose another winner from among all those who guessed correctly, so even if you weren't in the top six, you still have the chance to win a sketch!

Here are the sketches:

4 Magic Cards_small
4 Magic Cards_small

And the watercolor sketch for the winner:

Boros watercolor
Boros watercolor