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Persephone in Autumn - Oil Sketch 5" x 5"

Here is a painting of my daughter Belle, as Persephone.  I did this little sketch over about 3.5 hours and a couple days.  I thought I would try doing a time lapse and set my camera to take a shot every 30 seconds.  It was a neat experience to see the painting played back this way.  It is a unique opportunity for artists since the invention of photography, and most likely not used a lot in until the last century or so.  On top of that, it hasn't ever been so convenient as the last 5 years where taking interval shots is built into a lot of cameras.


Life Painting at Grand Central Academy

This last summer, I was able to travel to New York and study for a month at the Grand Central Academy.  It was a wonderful experience.  I took classes from Scott Waddell and Will St. John, to immensely talented artists.

Below are two of the studies that I did while I was there.  The model was John Forkner.  If you have been to the GCA blog, you have seen him before.  He is in excellent shape and has a beard to end all beards.  It was just getting started in these painting.  If you are an artist in NY, track John down and hire him, he is a great guy and model.

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I attended the GCA because I felt that their approach is most inline with the artists who I have admired for so many years, namely Bouguereau, Gerome and Tadema.  It was a challenge to take the time off from work, but it was so worth it.

It isn't always easy to get out of your normal routine and do studies, but I highly recommend it.  I made new friends, learned some new things and reinforced some principles.  I find myself thinking about the experience almost every day and it added a little more fuel to fire.  Now to figure out how to get back to Florence, Italy...