Purchasing Prints and Refunds

What is Giclee?

The word ‘Giclée’ ( zhee-klay) is associated with the fine art reproduction process and the product of the process, which is the print. Giclee process is based on digital technology. ‘Giclée’ is a French word meaning “to squirt or spurt.” 

Giclee print is a superior quality reproduction, which became most popular in the past decade.  Giclée printers use archival inks, which make the archival properties of giclées much higher than lithography or silkscreen prints. Pigmented inks that are used have a light fastness rating up to 200 years (when not exposed to direct sunlight). Not only are Giclees are going to last longer, but their visual quality is also undeniably greater which makes it hard sometimes to distinct giclees the originals.

What is a laminate print?

Our laminate prints are paper prints laminated with a new high tech, non glare, protective covering that eliminates the need for glass in the frame.  There is no glare or reflection to distract from the artwork, just a crisp beautiful image.  This new laminate also protects against damaging and fading UV rays.  It is durable enough to be wiped with a damp cloth if needed.

What is a lithograph print?

Lithograph prints are paper prints, typically done with a 4 color dye based ink. Lithograph prints will not hold true to color as long as a giclee print and will not have the depth of color that the giclee prints will have. Lithograph prints also are more affordable, compared to the price of an original painting, or giclee print,  thus allowing the collector to enjoy fine art which otherwise might be beyond his or her price range.

What is a limited edition print?

A limited edition (LE) print is one that is limited in the amount of prints in a particular size and/or  on a particular surface, that will be printed and available for purchase.  Each print is signed and hand numbered by the artist and a certificate of authenticity will be issued validating you as the owner of that particular numbered print. Generally the LE prints are the larger more collectable print sizes.

What is an open edition print?

An open edition (OE) print is a series of prints that are not limited in the edition size. They will be indefinitely available and can be either printed on canvas or paper. These prints are generally less expensive.

How do I care for my prints?

We highly recommend having your print framed shortly after receiving it. If you are not going to be able to frame it right away, we recommend storing the print flat, protecting the surface from being rubbed or scratched.

If you have purchased a giclee print on canvas, the surface has been treated with a protective covering. While it is not impervious, it does not need to be framed behind glass and can be wiped clean with a damp rag or duster.

If you have purchased a giclee print on paper, you need to take more care. These prints need to be framed behind glass and treated like a watercolor in regards to getting wet.

If you have purchased a laminated print mounted on foam core, you can frame these prints without glass and can wipe the surface clean with a damp rag.

How do I return a print?

Howard Lyon Fine Art will accept your return within 30 days of purchase.  Prints must be returned in sellable condition for a refund. If the refund is due to a mistake on our part we will also refund the shipping. If you changed your mind on your purchase, we will refund the print total minus the original shipping costs and you will be responsible for the costs to return the item to us.

What if my prints were damaged in shipment?

DO NOT throw away the original packaging.  Contact us the day you receive the damaged print, we will contact the carrier and take it from there.