Fine Art

From Fear to Faith

The account in the Gospels of the Savior calming the tempest is a compelling witness of His power and authority over the elements, His compassion and testimony of His divine nature.  The story is also a lesson for us of the power of faith.

As children of our Father in Heaven, we will all face trials in this life.  There will be times when the sea is raging around us.  It may feel as if we are destined to fail, that the storms are too great and that we are helpless to save ourselves.

This painting depicts a range of emotions that we may all relate to when the trials come.  Note the disciple on the back of the boat.  He is trying to save himself, bailing water from the boat.  He looks out at the storm, overcome by fear.  As a result, he sits in darkness, he cannot see the Savior.  The next two disciples are still trusting in their own strength, trying to right the mast and gather in the rigging, but they have started to turn to Christ and are entering into his light.  Standing behind the mast, this disciple has just let go of the sail.  After having done all that he could, he is turning towards the savior.  His faith is displacing his fear.

The next three disciples are focused completely on the Savior, faith has nearly pushed their fears away.  They look in wonder at their Lord, standing calmly before them, Master of all.  Lastly, we come to Peter, kneeling at the feet of Christ.  Just a moment before, the storm raging, he had the faith to lay his fears completely at the feet of the Lord and he was blessed with peace.

We will all face difficult moments in our life, when it feels that all is lost.  We often try to save ourselves, but when we turn ourselves over to the Lord, having done all that we can, He will save us.  We will hear those magnificent words spoken in our hearts,  “Peace, be still.”