Fine Art

A painting in progress - Blessed Art Thou

I recently had the chance to do a painting demonstration for a group.  I decided to revisit the image of Mary I previously painted.  I started out by drawing out the face, paying particular attention to the divisions between the lights and darks.  Click on any of the images for a larger version.

After getting the drawing down, I quickly ink the drawing.  Sometimes I use a brush and india ink.  In this case, I used a 01 Micron Pen.  Be sure that if you use a pen, it is a pigment based pen.  If you use something like a sharpie, dye based, it will make a mess of your oil paint, bleeding through.

At this point, I do a complete pass on the painting with raw umber, blocking everything in.  Because my lines are inked, I don't lose them, even with some scrubbing of the surface.  Now on to color.  Forgive the color shifts on the in progress shots.  I didn't color balance the in progress shots.


I try to complete the painting in a couple passes, laying in everything fairly rough first, and then the second pass, improving the accuracy and refining my edges.

And the final painting:

click to enlarge