Fine Art

Preparing with studies

It has long been the practice to do some studies of the figures or difficult passages within a painting before starting on the final image.  I have a large painting that I will be posting updates from over the next month starting with this study of a little girl.

Below is a time-lapse movie of the sketch in progress.  The painting was done with a small palette that I have found to be nice for flesh.  Flake White, Yellow Ochre, Vermillion and Van Dyke Brown (specifically Gamblin for the last color, it is much more grey than other brands).  I could use Mars Black or Ivory Black instead, and get cooler tones, but for now I am enjoying seeing what this set of colors can do.

This little study was done in preparation for a larger painting. It is 8"x10" done on wood panel. It was done in one sitting, and isn't as refined as the final painting will be.

I am also doing some charcoal studies of a few of the figures.  Below is a study of Christ who will be holding the child above.

I think I still have a ways to go before I am happy with my depiction of Christ, but this is a good start.  Something that will let me make adjustments to my painting and get a countenance appropriate for the goals of the final work.