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Reference for the From Fear to Faith painting

In doing research for the painting, I decided that I needed some significant reference for the boat.  My wife and I did some research and feel that we had a pretty good idea of what the boat would look like.  In fact, there is a full scale model of what they believe is a boat that would have been on the Sea of Galilee around the first century.  It was, unfortunately in Israel, and that seemed a bit far to travel, not knowing if I would be able to even photograph it, let alone, light it the way I would need. So, I built my own.  Smaller of course, but following the advice given by James Gurney in his book Imaginative Realism, I took the time to build a realistic model of the boat.  I designed the basic structure in Maya, printed it out and glued the paper to a sheet of poplar.  Cut out the ribbing and keel, assembled them and then glued on strips of balsa wood.  a day and half later, a boat that I could get wet, light, scratch up and play around with.  Some of the best reference I have ever had for a painting.  Here is a shot of it: