Fine Art

The MET and the Rijksmuseum

There has been a lot of excitement in the past few days with the release of thousands of images from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The captures of their paintings are very high quality, and let you see works in incredible detail.  

Many museums have started to do this, even adding a download button to make it simple for you to collect the images for study on your local storage.  Be sure to check out the website of your favorite museum and see what they have availavle.  Enjoy a few images from each below.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Rijksmuseum

Images from the MET


Charles Bargue - A Bashi-Bazouk

Elisabeth Vigée le Brun - Comtesse de la Chatre

Rembrandt - Herman Doomer

Jules-Joseph Lefebvre - Graziella

Images from the Rijksmuseum


Vermeer - the Milk Maid

Willem de Famars Testas - Patio de una Casa Cairota