Fine Art

Feed My Sheep video

I recorded my painting process for a recent work titled Feed My Sheep.  You can see where I make some changes on the sky and face throughout the process.  

When making time lapses, it is important to turn the autofocus off as well as the auto white balance.  I was setup right initially, but would use my camera for other purposes and a couple days, I forgot to turn those off again, whoops!  That is why you get some camera wiggle in parts and at the end when filming the face repaint, the white balance jumps around.

Still, I think the video is worthwhile.  I hope that it will be interesting and beneficial to those that might be new to oil painting.  Thanks for giving it a look!

Deseret Book announces their new scholarship program for the new generation of Christian artists!

We have mentioned and posted the images of the small block paintings that Howard completed for a scholarship auction. The auction is getting close and the pieces will be unveiled this weekend to the public. Bids will now be accepted! More information can be found, as well as some of the other blocks that will be available, in this promotional video. To place a bid or ask about a piece, contact Linda Howard 801-328-8191 or


New piece titled, "Messiah in America" unveiled as a part of a worldwide effort.

Howard was actually commissioned to do this piece for another purpose...we will post about that in the next couple of weeks. But we were approached by Seth Adams Smith, who is so very talented, and who knew that Howard was working on this piece at the time, and he wanted to be able to use this image for a very special project he was working on.  The project is a Book of Mormon challenge and you can learn more about it here. The video is a very powerful testimony of Christ and the Book of Mormon. Feel free to share!  Prints will soon be available in the store as well!