Isobel the Angel

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Isobel the Angel.jpg

Isobel the Angel

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It has taken me 6 years, a lot of luck and patience to tell this story.  This image contains four paintings done for Magic: the Gathering.  

Angel of Flight Alabaster (upper left) is where we first find Isobel. It depicts the angel lamenting the loss of so many souls.  

Angel of Finality (upper right) is next.  Isobel has now gone on the defensive, protecting the souls that have been lost from returning from the grave.  She stands above the cemetery, a spell cast and sword in hand to defend.

Flameblade Angel comes next (bottom left).  The brilliant creature has gone on a rampage, taking vengeance on the world for the sorrows caused by evil and corruption.

Clip Wings (bottom right) shows the poor creature trapped, bound and wounded by a group of hunters who are trying to put and end to the killing.  

This may be the end of Isobel's story, we will see.

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