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A conference dedicated to classical and modern techniques for the next generation of imaginative artists

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We’re so excited to present a new idea in educational and networking opportunities for those who create fantastical art! 

Join us in beautiful Utah for this first of its kind conference bringing top talent together to share what they know to help you along in your career as a creator of wonderfully creative images! 

INSTRUCTORS - Annie Stegg, Justin Gerard, Dan Dos Santos, and Howard Lyon

DATES - 03/09/2020 - 03/13/2020

TIMES - 5:30pm - 10:00PM on Mon-Fri. Doors open at 5:30 so that you can be seated and ready to get started at 6pm promptly. 

LOCATION - The Hyatt House - 544 S Pleasant Grove Blvd, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

TUITION - $425/ 5 days  (Register before Nov. 23rd for $375!)

SKILL LEVEL - Beginning to advanced

In this intensive five-day conference, each evening will be filled with a 1-hour lecture and a 3-hour demo. You will hear from each of the 4 instructors throughout the week on different topics. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for one-on-one time with an instructor to either bring specific questions to the table or have your portfolio reviewed. Our final evening together will begin with a question and answer session with the instructors and time to network and munch on some food. 

The days will be at your leisure, but we recommend using this time to network with the other participants, work on personal projects to have critiqued, or we can help you with many opportunities in the area for both exploring beautiful Utah and our arts scene. We are also working on additional options to fill your time. 

Some of the topics to be covered will be using photography and digital tools in creating art; painting the fantasy head; composition, color, and light; using multiple media in a single piece; selling your creations; painting imaginative portraiture; creating narrative art; drawing creatures and more! 

The Hyatt House will be hosting this conference. The address is 544 S Pleasant Grove Blvd, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062. Rooms will be available for our participants at a discounted rate, we will have more information for those interested. There are also many AirBnb options in the area. We are happy to help with any travel questions you may have. 

2020 Instructors

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Annie Stegg

Annie Stegg has been painting whimsical illustrations from early childhood, through her professional career did not start until 2004 when she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in art.   Her works encompass a wide variety of mediums, including both two and three-dimensional forms.  Specializing in character design and development, her goal is to create unique images that tell a story.

Her illustrations have been featured in various games and publishing clients including Ballistic Publishing,  Apple, Android, Hi-Rez Studios, Tiki Games, Addicting Games, and SPIL Games. In addition to these commissioned projects, she spends most of her time creating her own personal body of work which is inspired by folklore, mythology, and nature.   Her signature works include fanciful depictions of women and animals.  Annie strives to create images that will evoke emotion and imagination in the viewer.  She believes that in order to gain a better understanding of oneself, it is important to be open to others’ perceptions.  Art is just another way to express an emotion or ideal; a visual method of communication that depicts things that words cannot express and connects people through insight.

Most of Annie’s work is done in acrylics, but she also works in oils, color pencils, and watercolor.  She currently resides in Northern Georgia.

Justin Gerard

From the moment that Justin Gerard first learned that the crayons were meant for coloring and not for eating, he has been drawing.  

He began painting later in life after he found a Step-by-Step Graphics guide on Peter de Sève. Armed with this and inspiration from the works of Arthur Rackham and the Golden Age illustrators he began creating narrative-driven images to inspire himself and others.

Justin has a special love for the Golden Age illustrators. He has made a long and detailed study of their brains in an effort to distill their collective genius into a drink, which he might sell for millions. 

While Justin has always derived a great deal of inspiration from nature and human history, his favorite source of inspiration is story. The works of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis have remained constant sources of inspiration for him throughout his career. 

Justin gave up a life of gambling, piracy and horse-thieving in 2013 to marry Annie Stegg.  

Dan Dos Santos

Well known for his colorful oil paintings, most often depicting strong women, Dan dos Santos' work spans a variety of genres, including novels, comics, film, and video games. 

He has worked for clients such as Disney, Universal Studios, Activision, Boeing Aircraft, Scholastic Books, The Greenwich Workshop, Penguin Books, Random House, UpperDeck, Hasbro, DC Comics, and many, many more.

Dan has been the recipient of many awards. He is a ‘Rhodes Family Scholarship’ winner, a five-time ‘Hugo Award’ Nominee for Best Artist, and has received both Gold and Silver Medals from ‘Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art’. His illustrations have graced the #1 spot on the New York Times Best Seller list numerous times and his covers are seen in bookstores in dozens of countries around the world.

Howard Lyon

Howard Lyon is an artist that was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. He is the youngest of five children.  Howard had very supportive parents, who even when he was very young, made sure he had the materials and education to hone his talents. While attending high school Howard met his wife, Shari Lunt. They now have three children and reside in Utah.

Howard began his career studying illustration at Brigham Young University working with artists such as Robert Barrett, Don Seegmiller, Richard Hull and Ralph Barksdale. Over the past 20 years he has worked in the video game industry as an Art Director, concept artist and freelance illustrator.  For much of his career he has painted dragons and trolls or scenes from science fiction.  His work can be found in products from Dungeons and Dragons books, World of Warcraft cards, Magic: the Gathering and Star Wars.   He also writes for the Fantasy Art blog Muddy Colors and has recently been doing work for Brandon Sanderson's books including Mistborn, Warbreaker, The Stormlight Archive, and the covers for Dreamer and Snapshot

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Portrait Drawing/Painting night

Life and Portrait Painting

We will have a 3 - hour pose, sometimes continued over multiple weeks with the same model as schedule allows.  The longer pose is intended to provide a thorough opportunity for study of texture, detail, anatomy and lighting or to complete a finished portrait.

Students of the current workshop can attend any of the Life and Portrait painting sessions for free. Sessions are uninstructed and all levels are welcome. Please help us keep a professional atmosphere by limiting conversation during the session. 

Price - $10 per night

Wednesday nights 6:30 - 9:30pm, email or text 480.241.7907 for the address.


The following nights we will have sessions in 2019:

August 28

September 4, 11, 18, 25

October 2, 9

October 16 NO SESSION (please attend the Springville Spiritual and Religious show opening reception! 6-8pm)

October 23, 30

November 6, 13, 20, 27

December 4, 11, 18


NO SESSION January 1

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Lyon Arts Studios is proud to host:

4 day painting from Life with Joshua LaRock

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About the School

Lyon Arts is located in American Fork, Utah and is a workshop based school focused on teaching illustrators and fine artists the skills needed to work professionally. We also cover professional practices and complete works relevant to todays art industry.

Howard Lyon

Howard is the primary instructor at Lyon Arts.  With 20 years of professional experience Howard has much to share.  Howard has worked for clients such as Electronic Arts, Bioware, Blizzard, Activision, Lucas Arts, Wizards of the Coast, NCSoft and many more.  He has worked as an Art Director in the video game industry and has experience giving critical feedback.

Howard is currently working as a fine artist and freelance illustrator.  Students of the workshops will be able to see projects he is currently working and learn from his day to day practices.

Shari Lyon

Shari is the manager of Lyon Arts and will share her knowledge of marketing, product development, social media, printing and distribution.  Shari has has been representing and developing Lyon Fine Art and Illustration for the last 25 years.




Lyon Arts student testimonials: 

"Having the ability to ask for instruction during every step of the art making process is invaluable.  Howard was able to show me tricks of the trade as I run into the circumstances that call for them.  Without this guidance, I spend hours trying to get through confusing parts of making a painting. 
Watching Howard create art and his process is also invaluable.  I now have the beginning to end comprehension of creating an art piece.. Being in the studio environment with Shari and Howard helps alot to see what I will be dealing with in my career in the business of art. "

"I cannot thank Howard and Shari enough for this amazing course. I am working on getting the money to take it again! This course is worth every penny! If you are trying to take your illustrations to the next level, this is the class."

" Just wanted to write and say thank you for the wonderful workshop this past week.  I had a blast, and learned a lot.  It was wonderfully structured, and well executed. "

4 days in the studio with Joshua LaRock!

WORKSHOP DATE - 8/19 - 8/22, 2020

WORKSHOP TIMES - 10:00 AM - 5pm daily with a 1 hour lunch

TUITION - $590

SKILL LEVEL -  Intermediate to Advanced


Capturing a likeness is among the most elusive yet emotionally satisfying of artistic endeavors and a good drawing is undoubtedly the most critical component in achieving a good result.  In this 4 day workshop Joshua will walk students through the steps necessary to create a luminous, indirect portrait painting from life, beginning with a drawing in graphite and white chalk.

From Joshua:

My demonstration and critiques will center around the principles of form and how to understand and achieve the illusion of three-dimensions.  By better understanding the importance of form the student will gain new insight into values, structure, expression and indeed, color.

Each morning session will begin with a thorough portrait demonstration from the model including a dialogue of all key concepts, while the afternoon will focus on personal critiques as you create your own painting.  We will progress each day, working on the same pose, through a clear method which you will be able to easily apply to your own work. The first day will begin with the block-in, or line drawing, including a discussion of both two and three dimensional conception and problem-solving strategies.  With a solid start, we will move on to an in-depth investigation of the portrait's forms and large value relationship, as well as the practical and conceptual techniques of modeling which can often be counter-intuitive. The drawing will be transferred to canvas.

On the second day we will begin the first of three layers of paint, one each day.  I will be teaching the the indirect approach to oil painting which is distinct from the alla-prima, or wet-in-wet, method in that it is done in layers and can therefore achieve wonderful and subtle effects by the use of semi-transparent veils of paint.  The first layer consists of a thin neutralized underpainting to establish large value relationships. The second is a slightly thicker layer where the form is built up and more color context is added. And finally, a refining pass with a discussion of glazing and scumbling will be applied the third day.

Day 1: Block-in drawing – lighting, 2 dimensional vs 3 dimensional concepts.  Render drawing in graphite focusing on form and structure. Transfer to canvas.

Day 2: Underpainting – discuss various methods, intro to color space – hue/value/chroma

Day 3: Building up form – lighter lights, darker darks, with more color context. Anticipate final layer.

Day 4: Finishing - Polishing and refining by glazing and scumbling; consider edges.

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